Putting an RSS feed on your website

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Does your website publish new content often? Do you have frequent return visitors that would benefit from having your content accessible with ease? Perhaps an RSS feed is the right choice for you. It can be a challenge to set one up but it’s not as daunting as you might think. First, you should consider if you actually need an RSS feed. Ask a few questions. Will there be any downsides to the RSS feed? Will people actually use it? What content should I put in the RSS feed?

There’s an art to writing the RSS feed updates. Make the updates clear and simple. Don’t tease to get them to click. They’re just going to pass that over. You can add a title and a description. Make the title utterly simple and clear because that’s all they’ll read if it’s not. Make the description long enough to give all information but don’t get florid with your writing. Just the facts, sir. See what other RSS feeds are doing with their descriptions and then try and copy that. If you get too creative you’ll just alienate people and it’s all about bringing people to you, not driving them away.

Setting up the actual RSS feed is the more complicated part and there isn’t enough space here to detail it. However, it will be simple if you just follow the directions. There are programs that will essentially do all the work for you. All you need is information about your company and your feed and the patience to do the work. Don’t let unfamiliarity with the technology derail you. Simply keep your head down and work through it. Soon enough you’ll be an expert and you’ll have a running RSS feed that improves your business and your ability to get in touch with your customers.

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