The types of feed readers

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All RSS feed readers perform the same function and they work in the same basic way. They feed you the content and you read it. Easy enough! There are different categories of readers though and you should choose the one that best suits your needs. If you’re an on the go type of person chances are good that you spend more time browsing the web on your phone than at your computer. In that case a mobile feed reader would be the ideal choice. The Google Mobile reader is the best of the bunch but others from major content providers (AOL, MSN, Yahoo) will get the job done too.

You can also read your feeds via email. You wake up in the morning, check your mail, and all your RSS action is there waiting to be read. It sounds easy, right? There are several options and they’re all wonderful. Mozilla (the folks behind Firefox) provide a great one and of course Google mail comes with RSS options. You can easily adjust how often they send you emails. Firefox has a great feed reader built right into the browser so you just have to download the browser and you’re all set. Opera and IE7 also have this functionality, although the Firefox one is the best.

If you want to go full in with the feed reading then you can download a desktop feed reader. These are actual programs you download and they tend to be more technologically advanced and therefore more powerful and full-featured. The many options allow for wide customization that other feed readers don’t quite offer. On the opposite end, the simplest type of feed reader to setup is a web-based one. It takes just a few minutes and there are dozens of good options. With just one click you’ll have everything you need.

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