Things to do with RSS feeds

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RSS feeds are surprisingly versatile and offer you a variety of ways to experience your favorite content online. It’s more than just browsing on your mobile phone or in your simple reader. Did you know that Yahoo allows you to customize your homepage to a crazy extent using RSS feeds. You can essentially put any content you want on there. If you want the latest Amazon deals or the latest sports scores you just have to add an RSS feed and it will all show up. Anything there’s a feed for can be put in there, which is pretty great.

If you’re following a particular news topic you can use the Google News alert feature to create a specific RSS feed on the topic that you’re interested in. Any stories on that subject will be delivered right to your RSS. YouTube has tons of content creators putting out great stuff and they offer RSS feeds for all of them. You’ll get updates anytime they add something new so you can jump right in and enjoy what they’ve done. It’s ingenious! If you’re a big Craiglist shopper or browser they have RSS feeds for pretty much everything on the site. With a simple subscription you can browse the site without having to visit it.

Popular site Digg has an RSS feed for almost anything on there. You can follow particular users that point out great stories, you can follow tags, or any of their many featured pages. There are several inventive sites that will send recipes right to your RSS feed. Food Network offers pretty great stuff, sending you the best they have on their network so you can get right to making amazing meals. There are hundreds of sites that do great stuff with RSS feeds so get out there and have some fun.

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