What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (that’s the most commonly used expansion, at least) and is a way for people to subscribe to your website, essentially. They’re used to publish sites that update frequently so people don’t have to keep coming back to your site to see what’s happening. They can simply check the RSS feed and if something interesting comes up they know to pay a visit to your page. It’s much like subscribing to a magazine or newspaper and they’ve become standard for most sites these days because they save people time.

The RSS document can be read in a variety of ways so you have lots of choices in that arena. There are plenty of recommendations online for choosing a feed reader and most work well so it shouldn’t be difficult. The feed features either summarized text or the full text of the published article depending on what the publisher chooses. Metadata is typically included as well (when it was published, the author, etc). The feed can be viewed by so many different formats because every RSS feed uses the XML format.

RSS feeds are great for content publishers because they can syndicate their content with ease and there’s a simple way to get people to subscribe and therefore come back over and over. Users benefit because they don’t have to visit the site every time they want to see if there’s an update. Almost every site that publishes regular content makes use of RSS feeds because they’re fairly simple to setup. There are a number of sites to help you with that and some are more complicated than others so search around and see what works for you when looking to syndicate your content and get people subscribing.


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